Friday, 16 October 2015

Little introduction


I'm Joshua, I'm a student in Malaysia and welcome to my blog!

So, with this blog, my aim is to share my experience with, well, whoever's interested in this blog about my robotics projects.

Here's a little bit about myself:
In year 2013, me and two other schoolmates took part in the NRC competition. This competition is to determine who will make it to the final international competition which is WRO. Well, it didn't end to well for us as we got 17th placing in the inter-school round.

The next year however (2014), we decided to take part once more. This time we participated in the open category. The theme was Robots and Space and well, we actually managed to best 13 other teams from each state in nationals. We had the privilage to visit Sochi, Russia for the World Robot Olympiad 2014. (I'll try to upload some material about our project so you could see it for yourselves). Well, we emerged sixth place but were quite happy.

This year (2015), the theme is Robot Explorers. We designed and built an exoskeleton mainly to enhance the mining experience as well to keep them safe (Images to come). With this project, we were able to make it through the state level and the nationals level. So, we will be heading over to Doha, Qatar sometime soon for the WRO 2015.

So yeah, that's a little glimpse into what my passion is and I will update this blog with my personal projects and WRO projects. I will also most definitely be uploading photos about what I'll do in Qatar. Till next time, this Joshua and thanks for reading my first post.

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