Tuesday, 10 November 2015

WRO 2015 Qatar


So my team and I recently got back from Doha, Qatar (today actually) after a long three days of competition and we're proud to bring home the gold medal for open category junior high! This is definitely a treat as we got a rather mediocre sixth placing last year at Russia. Anyways, when we got back to Malaysia, we were greeted by the press. It came quite as a surprise to us as we never expected it to be like this, it was truly a little overwhelming.


We are right at the front towards the left. Watch the video first to be able to recognize who's part of team Robotists.

Now to think of it, I've never actually released any material regarding our project at all. Now since WRO 2015 is officially over, attached below is our project video directed by me. :)

Be sure to use the subtitles as there are some mistakes in the video corrected by subtitles.

I'd also like to say thanks to our mentor Praveen Suthan, who wrote the script for our WRO project. The script was later tweaked by me to make it easier to use for the video.

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