Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lego Arduino RC car

I realized it's been quite a while since I last posted anything abd I will admit, I was getting a bit lazy as of late and it's probably due to the school holdiays. But, despite my laziness getting in the way of my productivity, I have been learning a few things here and there regarding the Arduino. Specifically,I have been reading into wireless communication devices so I could build a rc car. Well, I managed to pick up a pair of rf transmitter and receiver and have successfully built my own working remote control. Here are some photos:

Let me explain about this project a little bit.

This car is built out of Lego Mindstorms components, at the heart of the car is an Arduino Uno, powered by a 9volt battery. I also have a 3cell 2200mah 11.1 volt battery powering the motors and my L298n motor driver. The motors are Mindstorms nxt motors. Note that if you are keen on doing something like this, be sure not too supply more than 9 volts as this motor is rated at 9volts. I'm also using a 315 MHZ radio frequency transmitter and receiver.

The range I'm getting is quite decent, which is about 20m, through walls (I was inside my house and was controlling the car which was outside of the house). This is certainly not the best, but considering I paid only RM9 (2.09USD), I'm fairly impressed. 

I'll be updating this post with a video and the code so stay tuned.

Update #2 Here's the code I used for this project:

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any inquiries. I'm not done with the video yet, working on it at the

Update #3 Managed to get the video up right before 2016! Hope you enjoy the video!

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