Sunday, 28 August 2016

Project EOT

Hey guys, here's my latest project.

Introducing project EOT!

EOT, which stands for English Oral Test, consists of two robots which serve different functions.
One of them is a music player, while the other one is a magic robot. 

  So, my school recently had a oral test in which we have to give a speech. I decided to talk about robotics because I couldn't think of anything else to talk about. Initially I wanted to give a speech on how to achieve English proficiency. However, what I didn't realize was that this title was a horrible idea because, well, i'm giving the speech to an English teacher.

  Anyhow, teacher politely suggested that I do something a little bit more interesting, and that's how I ended up talking about robotics. So, without further ado, here's a quick run through of my project.

First robot - Arduino music player

front view of project

internal mechanism

lights above

power source

So basically, the mini figures in the picture will turn around while the familiar tune of twinkle twinkle little stars is being played.
The lights are programmed to turn on after every turn of the servo,
There's a power cable coming out at the back of the project. Once connected, the robot will wait 10 seconds before it opens its doors.
The opening mechanism is powered by rubber bands with a servo acting as a lock.

Second robot - Arduino Magic Robot

Underside of the robot

Shell removed

So, the concept for this robot is simple enough. Use the force to move it.
Well, that's the idea anyways. The robot uses a distance sensor to detect the distance of the hand from the robot. When the hand is at a close enough range, the robot will move accordingly. (We don't want the robot moving when it doesn't detect a hand, would we?)

In case you're wondering why the robots seem so aesthetically dull, it is because I had a very limited time frame to complete this project. Furthermore, the robot will be dismantled after a while and I decided there's not much of a point in decorating it.

Well, that's it. Leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.



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